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Here are just some of the emails sent to us by other angry patients from Sparta Medical Associates;

The Sparta Medical Staff had filed the wrong service to my insurance company and the coverage was rejected. I contacted the billing office immediately and told them they made a mistake. They of course argued with me and were extremely cold and uncooperative. Every time I received another one of their threatening bills I called to try to get them to understand they made a mistake, and all they needed to do was change the code they submitted and the insurance company would pay. In the mean time they charged me a late fee every month. After going through this dance for 4 months or so, I filed a complaint with the BBB. After the BBB contacted them, amazingly the code was changed and the insurance company paid the charge. Unfortunately, my problem with the SMA billing department did end. The continued to send me bills for the service charges they added onto my account due to THEIR MISTAKE. I called and requested they be dropped and I was told I needed to pay them. I told them NO! They sent the charges to collections.
I called the office to make an appointment because I was very ill and I was told I could not see my Dr. until I paid my bill of $24.00. I told them that I did not owe them anything and they said I would need to contact the billing department and get it cleared. I called the billing department and after banging my head against the wall with one person I asked to talk to a manager. I was told someone would call me back. I then had the misfortune of speaking to Linda Monik. Probably the coldest and heartless persons I have ever dealt with. In our conversation she admitted that they had changed the code and had been paid for the service, but said they didn't make a mistake and that the service charges on my account still needed to be paid and I would not see a Dr. until then. I told I believed I had pneumonia and needed to see someone. She calmly and coldly said, ''pay the bill, or find another Dr.'' I asked her that they would be willing to lose a patient over a 24.00 charge that was wrong?? and she replied, "that is your decision".
I have been a patient there for 15years and had to find another Dr. to take care of my pneumonia because of their mistake and heartless reaction to it. I will not return to SMA and I feel that no one there will even care. Sparta Medical is a money first, people second I have been a patient there for 15years and had to find another Dr. to take care of my pneumonia because of their mistake and heartless reaction to it. I will not return to SMA and I feel that no one there will even care. Sparta Medical is a money first, people second organization now and that is a shame. I can understand that it is a business and they are there to make money, but in my situation they got paid for their service and to demand service charges to cover their mistake is just GREED. They should be ashamed of the way they treated me when I was sick and the Dr.s they represent should be appalled.

Arrgh I know how  pissed you were because I am there.

I had  foot surgery in September of 08 - Sparta medical an in network provider  assured me that they got all the necessary approvals from insurance, in fact, as  an in network provider it is their responsibility a week after the  surgery I get a letter from the  carrier that insurance  will not cover  my surgery- as my surgery was considered experimental, but that I would not be  responsible because he was an in network provider who didn't do what he was  supposed to do-- long story short - I called Sparta medical and was told by the  nurse that they had in fact gotten the appropriate   authorizations - so I  figured just a gliche - but it was at that time and only then did I learn that  the Surgery Center where the surgery was performed run by the same doctors same  building was out of network!   The insurance company paid the doctor  but was holding off on the surgery center - just a couple weeks ago I was  notified that they revoked the payment to the doctor and would not cover the  surgery center -- as the two appeals were denied (It was Sparta Medical who  apparently filed the appeals) -- so last week I get a bill from Sparta medical  for the entire amount -- surgery center and doctor --- !   I am currently in  the process of a third level external appeal through the insurance company and  when I asked that the bill be held in abeyance I was told by Sparta Medical  billing they were not doing that.   I am currently waiting for a call back  from the doctor, and I intend to draft a letter to Sparta Medical requesting  this - Somewhere somebody screwed up --- now suddenly after the doctor was  denied to two appeals the insurance company changed the eob's and they state  that I am responsible   Something's not right ---

I truly  believe that what Spata Medical is doing insofar a the out of network  surgery center which they do not advise -   is bordering on consumer fraud -  and I an currently looking into that.

Thanks  for the website - it's a nice place to vent.  I realize my complaint is  different than what happened to you and I have all these other issues going on  with the insurance  company - but the treatment I've been experiencing from  Sparta Medical is the same.  They simply don't  care.


I'll keep  you posted on my progress.


Thank  again,

At last, people who understand what I am going through!  I have been a  patient of Sparta Medical Associates for over 40 years and have been treated by  just two of their staff doctors, both of whom were my physicians prior to their  joining the group  Both doctors were attentive, thorough and I have no  desire to lose the current one as my family physician.  However, as stated  in a prior complaint, they PUSH their Lafayette surgical facility down your  throat. This past spring I had need of an endoscopic procedure.   Prior to my making the appointment at their surgical center, I questioned both  the office and the surgical center as to whether I would be in any way be held  responsible for any payments “ after all, Sparta Medical Associates IS in both  my insurance networks.  I was assured three times by Sparta Medical  Associates employees that my insurances covered me 100%. Well, guess  what, low and behold, they weren’t covered 100% and Sparta Medical Associates  was well aware of that fact because the surgical facility is no in  network.  So I got stuck with a $72. unpaid bill for using their surgical  center. Now if the procedure had been done at the hospital, I would NOT  have had a $72 unpaid bill and Sparta Medical Associates was well aware of that  fact.  So after 5 phone calls and two letters and not one response  initiated by Sparta Medical Associates, I received a letter from them advising  me that I could no longer see my doctor of 22 years as they were terminating the  physician-patient relationship.  When I called their office, I too spoke  with the heartless bitch, Linda.  This is a personal vendetta and a  personal mission she is on. I think she must get paid a commission on  every dollar she collects and no one knows what she is doing to destroy the  confidence loyal patients have in their doctors, as they appear to be allowing  this witch to do whatever she wants.  She told me that she would present my  case to the board of directors.  My doctor is on that board and I have  placed a call to him to find out if he is aware of my situation.  I am  waiting to hear back.  I have also contacted Warren County legal services  and have printed out the complaint form from your site.  Thank you.   Any additional words of wisdom are appreciated as I will dog this to the bitter  end, I am so furious!  Anything I can do to discredit Linda and her billing  practices I will gladly do.


To whom it may concern:

I am currently experience an issue with Sparta Medical.  In April  2007, I went to them for physical therapy because they are a preferred  provider for my insurance carrier.   January of 2009 they sent me a bill  for this service stating my carrier refuse to pay so I am responsible.   I call my health insurance and basically they refused to follow protocol  they agreed as a in-network  provider and this is why my carrier refused  to pay.   I have a letter from my carrier stating they cannot bill me  anymore which was sent to their office as well.  They have now sent it  to collections regardless of the letter from the carrier.   I have spoken to them on several occasion and they refused to reason and Danielle  said they can continue to bill me it they want.   Linda  has not return  my call.  Any assistance you can offer would be great.



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The above is our opinion based on our experiences with Sparta Medical Associates.