Sparta Medical Associates


Sparta Medical Associates has joined together with Sussex County Medical Associates  and has changed their name to
 Premier Health Associates.

Is this an effort to hide from their bad reputation?  Or is it a way to get out from under any claims brought against them?  We don't know.  What we DO know is it is the same unscrupulous people with the same awful business practices.

WARNING!!! Stay Away From Sparta Medical Associates. 

Unless you want to be ripped off

Sparta Medical Associates =  wrongful billing practices.  Their errors will cost YOU and they wont care about it one bit.
  Don’t believe us?  We’ve had to file suit to have the error corrected.

Have a look at the letter we’ve sent them that was completely ignored.
(names redacted for privacy

Have a look at the complaint filed with the Sussex County Courts.
(names redacted for privacy

Here are some other complaints.

We are NOT the only ones.  There are others that have had similar situations with them.  If YOU have problems with Sparta Medical Associates we urge you to file a complaint with New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners. 
Or visit their website at:

AND drop us an email at ..  We would love to help!

Consider this:. How pissed off did they have to get us for us to go through the time and expense of creating a website?!
Is taking a chance that it could happen to YOU worth it? 

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The above is our opinion based on our experiences with Sparta Medical Associates.